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Author: Rudy

It’s my birthday

Another birthday. Just 5 years young! Just a little street wiser 😉 Do you like my new collar? It’s a traditional design from the region of Appenzell in Switzerland. The design is based on brass-fitted suspenders of the traditional mountain dairymen’s costume. The brass fittings represent alpine dairymen, cows and alpine floral ornaments. Me from the side or my profile. Anyway, enough about me and MY birthday! Even if you don’t buy me a gift, why not buy one of my ‘Dogfather‘ Tees? perfect for that little bulldog or bulldog-lover in your life. So, what you waitin’ for? get over to my shop!...

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Poggio Piero

Poggio means ‘hill’ in Italian and here’s Rudy on ‘Poggio Piero‘ or Peter’s hill. Maybe we’ll rename it ‘Poggio Rudy’. It’s funny how a bulldog looks so out of place in a vineyard. In the olive grove. Like something out of an advert for Bertolli, bet they’ve never used a bulldog. The walking around Poggio Piero ain’t great. Lots of little stones in the hard ground and quite a few bastard yard dogs in neighbouring farms so sometimes we have to go further a field, like to the nearby abandoned coal mine in Ribolla. Shut down soon after a tragic disaster killing...

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I was a puppy once

Me, 8 weeks old puppy! Living in a box! i was living’ in a cardboard box! Where ever i lay my head, that’s my home…. The toilet training was a steep learning curve! Not available from...

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The day i walked Churchill

It started with a day trip to Epping forest. Rudy in Epping forest near Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge . . . .and on the way home who did we see but old Winston himself Of course he wanted to take me for a walk What a knackering day! Time to put my paws up Of course i’ve seen Winston since...

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