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Author: Rudy

Rudy Walks A Winter Wonderland

Winter is here and nothing can stop Rudy from his regular ‘step out’ around beautiful Hackney. Come wind, rain, shine and now snow he has to make his regular strole about his hood. Rudy has been here! and here… Doreen’s garden. This could only be a Hackney snowman. ‘Gimme your...

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Well Street Common Festival Dog Show

There was a grand turnout for the Well Street Common Festival this year with the whole community coming out to play. Not least to come and see the hottest dogs from the neighbourhood strut their stuff. Of course Rudy had to show his thing too! Bella and Sunny Tasty sausage dog at Well Street Common Festival Dog Show Rudy bulldog in the ring awaiting judgement at the Dog Show Rudy checking the competition in the handsome dog category at Well Street Common Festival Dog Show My boy Rudy, 3rd in most handsome dog category. Top dog! Rudy insisted on getting a well...

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Rudy ‘encounters’ two Italian greyhounds

‘Encounter’ is certainly one way of describing it! These Italian greyhounds are the canine equivalent of annoying midges. The horniest little shits i’ve seen for a long time. Don’t know if its because they’re Italian, miniature (and so feel the need to compensate) or they’re just not getting any at home! They may even be related. Rudy will hate me for posting this! One from the...

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