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Rudy goes to Poggio Piero

Rudy goes to Poggio Piero

Latest trip to Poggio Piero which took us via Bern and Mondovi (Piemonte) down to Tuscany. Hope you enjoy some of the photos from the journey and some in and around the Maremma, Tuscany.

Some pee breaks are not in the most salubrious of places

‘Salubrious’ wee break on route to our first overnight stop in the much fought over hilltop town of Mondovi, a pretty small town in the middle of beautiful wine country, Piedmont.

Mondovi, Piemonte

Our first over night stay in Italy, wohay!

Mondovi, Piemonte

Are you coming then? Don’t forget my stuff!

Mondovi, Piemonte

Later on we dropped in on Pisa …where it was snowing??

Snow in Pisa??

Apparently these are the seeds of female poplar trees

The usual shenanigans in Pisa

The usual shenanigans in Pisa

The usual shenanigans in Pisa

Good to be home

Rudy and Lulu
Poggio Piero
The view from Poggio Piero

No time to take it easy – there are jobs to be done. Grass to be cut, palms to be cut back and the 700 olive trees to be pruned!

Silly bitch she's always photo-bombing me

Silly bitch she’s always photo bombing me

On a day trip to Orbotello. Effie takes a turn on the lead and Gennaro from ‘da Gennaro’ ristorante takes a break from making pasta to say hello to Rudy.

This is the amazing town of Pitigliano. Originally founded by Etruscans presumably for its formidable setting perched on cliff tops many of which have caves still occupied today.

Rudy on the terrace
Rudy on the terrace
Rudy in the garden

Of an evening Rudy’s favourite night spot has to be ‘Skipper’ in Castiglione della Pescaia, and who are we to deny him!.

Effie in Wisteria

A visit to the annual ‘Fiere di Grosseto’ a chance for farmers and local trades to show off their produce and for farmers to look at the latest farming kit. And most of all a chance for me to sample some great food. My favourite but weird were the huge Mortadella, some fluffy little shit got in there before me! And then of course there were the Butteri, cowboys from the Maremma showing off their horse skills.

Rudy in Grosseto

Saena, Claudia, Tom and Manuella with Rudy at Caffe’ Ricasoli on a visit to Grosseto

Saena, Claudia, Tom and Manuella on a visit to Grosseto

And then all too soon it’s time to leave! Once the bulldog is loaded..

And then all too soon it's time to go! When the bulldog is loaded..

Through the beautiful vineyard country of Piedmont

Vineyards near Cossano Belbo, Piemonte
Vineyards in Piemonte near Moasca
Vineyards in Piemonte near Moasca, Italy
Corso Piave, Santo Stefano Belbo, Piedmont

Corso Piave, Santo Stefano Belbo, Piedmont. There’s a great pizza further up on the right 🙂

Santo Stefano Belbo, Piedmont

And then back via Bern where we visited some rellies in Matte and Muri. You should check out Matte gin.

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