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Month: May 2017

Letter From God (or DOG) To Man

“A Letter From God To Man” or as Rudy would insist “A Letter from DOG to man” a great tune by Scroobius Pip with some cogent lyrics ‘…the horrors committed in my name’. In the beautiful backdrop of the Swiss mountains with Rudy running! what more could you ask...

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Rudy goes to Poggio Piero

Latest trip to Poggio Piero which took us via Bern and Mondovi (Piemonte) down to Tuscany. Hope you enjoy some of the photos from the journey and some in and around the Maremma, Tuscany. ‘Salubrious’ wee break on route to our first overnight stop in the much fought over hilltop town of Mondovi, a pretty small town in the middle of beautiful wine country, Piedmont. Our first over night stay in Italy, wohay! Are you coming then? Don’t forget my stuff! Later on we dropped in on Pisa …where it was snowing?? Apparently these are the seeds of female poplar trees The...

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