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Month: April 2017

Tyson on Castiglione beach

I thought Tyson was a boxer but apparently he’s a bulldog! Don’t know if he’s a south paw but he is what we call in the trade ‘a puller!’. He kept trying to pull his pack leader over to me. I am also a puller but of a more fruitful kind. Tyson with his old man on the beach near Castiglione della Pascaia She is Tyson’s daughter apparently She can’t get enough of the sea. I don’t see the point in all that sun, sea and sand. The sun gets in your eyes, the sea gets in your eyes and the...

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Bern (capital of Switzerland)

The impressive 15th century Gothic cathedral, the Münster of Bern. The minster with the minster terrace in front, once a grave yard in the last century it was changed to an open plaza. Lime and chestnut trees were planted and pathways were laid out, providing a pleasant park in the old city. The terrace towers over the Matte area of the old city providing great views over the river Aare. The view from the minster terrace, all round the garden walls there are signs saying ‘think before you jump’ and a telephone number. Very thoughtful. And here i am below the Nydeggbrücke in Bern....

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