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It’s my birthday

It’s my birthday
It's my birthday

Another birthday. Just¬†5 years young! Just a little street wiser ūüėČ

Just 5 years young!

Do you like my new collar? It’s a traditional design from the region of Appenzell in Switzerland.¬†The design¬†is based on brass-fitted suspenders of the traditional mountain dairymen‚Äôs costume. The brass fittings represent alpine dairymen, cows and alpine floral ornaments.

Me in profile

Me from the side or my profile.

Just 5 years young!

Anyway, enough about me and MY¬†birthday! Even if you don’t buy me a gift, why not buy one of my ‘Dogfather‘ Tees? perfect for that little bulldog or bulldog-lover in your life. So, what you waitin’ for? get over to my shop! They’re a bargain.

The "Dogfather"
Are you still here?

Oi! What you still doing here? Okay since you insist, more pics of lovely old me.

Field testing my Appenzeller collar

Out on my birthday i had to show off and field test my Appenzeller collar!

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