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Month: February 2017


Originally famed for our horns, over time as these were utilised less and less they became redundant and disappeared. Although if you feel behind the ears closely you can feel the nubs where the horns once...

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Switzerland 2013

On the way from somewhere called Italy, we went through a place called Switzerland. Didn’t see many other bullies there but they have something called a continental bulldog apparently. I didn’t see any of those either though. Maybe next time. (below) Campsite ‘Miralago’ in Locarno on the Lago Maggiore in Ticino, Switzerland. Lovely it was. Never did see that alsation that for some reason had his own picture on a sign there. (below) St Bernard’s (these don’t seem to move) spotted at the St Gotthard pass but they got their name from being bred at at the Great and Little St Bernard Pass for rescuing something...

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Rudy in Europe 2013

You can’t expect a bulldog to travel on an empty stomach (above) near Binz, Zurich. We stayed at campsite Fritz, it was bloody freezing! Binz squat which was cleared out soon after in 2013 This is called Almend, it’s where Ursula’s ashes are. Handy head rest. A little snooze on the way to Claudia’s. Rudy gets comfortable And this is Winterthur, where we stayed with my cousins the Serhanis. Drink and a pee break. Not necessarily in that order! Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland Levanto, Italy Imagine waking up next to this face The campsite in Levanto. Another pee stop Back...

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