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Rudy’s London calendar for 2017

Cover of Rudy's 2017 calendar

Rudy’s 2017 calendar featuring some of his fave spots around London. Have you got yours? If you haven’t, it’s too late i’m afraid you’ll have to wait till next year. However there are other Rudy items in the shop.

Cover of Rudy's 2017 calendar

Rudy on a pedestal. The 2017 calendar cover.

January - Rudy's 2017 calendar

JANUARY start the year with a bang!

February - Rudy's 2017 calendar

FEBRUARY Rudy on the Mall, often reserved for visiting foreign dignitaries, hogged by a bulldog on this occasion

March - Rudy's 2017 calendar

MARCH ‘With paws like this….!’ This is ‘Cleopatras needle’ the popular name for each of three Ancient Egyptian obelisks re-erected in London, Paris, and New York City during the nineteenth century. The obelisks in London and New York are a pair, and the one in Paris is also part of a pair originally from a different site in Luxor, where its twin remains. This one is on Victoria Embankment on the Thames. On 4 September 1917, during World War I, a bomb from a German air raid landed near the needle. In commemoration of this event, the damage remains unrepaired to this day and is clearly visible in the form of shrapnel holes and gouges on the right-hand sphinx. Pretty interesting huh? I love Egyptian stuff…

April - Rudy's 2017 calendar

APRIL “Why does everyone call me Churchill???” “The name’s Rudy”

May - Rudy's 2017 calendar

MAY Benches are useful, this one is opposite the houses of parliament on the south bank next to Westminster bridge.

June - Rudy's 2017 calendar

JUNE “It’s like Piccadilly circus here!”.

July - Rudy's 2017 calendar

JULY “Let me in! it’s Prince Rudy!”.

August - Rudy's 2017 calendar

AUGUST “Crouching bulldog sleeping lion? something like that anyway” Trafalgar Square

September - Rudy's 2017 calendar

SEPTEMBER “Where’s that bus??” Westminster Bridge

October - Rudy's 2017 calendar

“Ziggy played for time,
jiving us that we were Voodoo
The kids were just crass,
He was the naz
With God given ass
He took it all too far
But, boy, could he play guitar.”

November - Rudy's 2017 calendar

NOVEMBER ‘Often imitated but never equalled’ but better repeated 🙂 Abbey Road

December - Rudy's 2017 calendar

DECEMBER ‘Oh no it’s the end of another year! and they still haven’t let me in!’

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