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Month: February 2017

The day i walked Churchill

It started with a day trip to Epping forest. Rudy in Epping forest near Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge . . . .and on the way home who did we see but old Winston himself Of course he wanted to take me for a walk What a knackering day! Time to put my paws up Of course i’ve seen Winston since...

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I’m sure Rudy wishes she was his girlfriend. She’s the only dog he doesn’t play it cool with Rudy you’re such a tart Oh-oh, can you handle her Rudy? Ivy is a local Bullpei. Part American bulldog and part Sharpei. You can see her tongue is part blue and part...

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Graubünden, Switzerland

Sunset on Piz Materdell in the Albula alps over looking Silsersee in Graubünden, Switzerland as we setup camp at Maloja campsite in the summer of 2015. (Above) Camping Maloja on the Silsersee, situated in the beautiful Engadine valley in the region of Graubünden in the Albula Swiss alps. Rudy and I visit Maloja along the Silsersee lake and later St Moritz on Silvaplana. Are you coming? There is some beautiful walking along the Silsersee lake towards the village of Sils one time home to Nietzsche. “I have given a name to my pain and call it ‘dog’: it is just...

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My mate Bozley. He thinks this park is his. He’s also a bulldog, i think! I’ve noticed many bulldogs enjoy a pint. Most convivial. Taxi home. Must be...

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Caumasee, Switzerland

Fed by underwater aquifers the lake varies in depth of 4-5 metres throughout the year. The lake is located in a huge Forest that was allowed to remain on the agriculturally useless debris area of the fascinating prehistoric rockslide in the alps region. Because of it’s shallowness water temperature in summer is at an average 21 Celsius, with a maximum around 24 Celsius. I got in but Rudy gave it a miss. He’s not much of a swimmer, more of a dipper. Man, he doesn’t like those sharp little pebbles! He didn’t appreciate walking to the lake. “Why can’t we use the funicular? It...

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